About Us

Focused on Creating Value

Monclova Industrial Group is an industrial consortium with great tradition and leadership in Coahuila´s central region that started in 1951 under the leadership of Harold R. Pape in the city of Monclova, Coahuila, rooting not only in the state´s central region but also expanding to other states of Mexico.

With Mexican capital and 100% private, today in Monclova Industrial Group we perform high-level operations, under strict quality standards and current environmental regulations the company standout for the synergy of its companies, quality of its products, and entrepreneurship of its employees.

For over six decades we are present in different Industrial, Energy, Mining and Commercial market segments.

In the Industrial market we manufacture metallic structures, precision machining and maintenance of continuous casting machines for the steel and metalworking industry; and rail tank cars and hopper cars to satisfy the international market.

In the Energy segment we perform exploration, perforation and maintenance of natural gas fields for PEMEX. Also we manufacture offshore platforms for the oil industry.

In the Mining sector we produce different limes and aggregates for diverse uses in the Steel industry, construction, chemical sector and agriculture, as well as coal for the electrical industry.

In the Commercial segment we are dedicated to the commercialization and maintenance of Ford vehicles, through two car dealerships located in Monclova, Coahuila and Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes. Through Ferraplus stores we supply different types of welding and safety equipment, parts, tools and consumables for the metalworking industry. With an office located in San Antonio, Texas we perform import and export operations of products for Monclova Industrial Group companies.

Our operations are located in 10 cities of the Mexican Republic.